Link Building Strategies 2019

Link Building Strategies for 2019

For any organization reaching to their targeted customer is essential. It is not as easy as it seems to reach specific targeted customer base. When it comes to reach to maximum customer, Link Building Strategies play very important role for any website based organization or for any blogger.

So, understanding link building techniques and implementing them effectively is very essential task to implement. Before going into deep into link building techniques we first try to understand what is link building techniques is? And how it developed with course of time? And yeah, Do link building techniques makes any sense now?. We will look into it

It is no longer hidden secret that, Google algorithm give more important to link rich sites while deciding page ranking. So the sites which are more link rich are more prone to get more visitor and hence Google give such sites good page ranking and this again helps sites to get more visitor. That’s the reason I called it circle of profit. You start with one end and you received its profit in another end.

Now before going into different link building techniques let’s understand what is link building is all about.

What is Link Building?

Link Building refers to the process of getting external pages to link to pages on your website. It is one of many tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO). Link building is difficult and time consuming process and Google algorithm don’t recognize all links to be important to rank page higher. Links from authoritative website like, Business Standard or Wall Street Journal makes more impact than links from newly formed website. Hence, getting links from recognize website is crucial still starting with newly formed website is good to start.

2017 Link Building Strategies

#1 Write a Guest Post

Writing Guest Post is one of the greatest organic Link Building strategy because when you write guest post for other website/blog then you basically create great content which helps the readers. Hence, that blog post helps in bringing more visitor to your site.

So, how should you approach for this ?

Step#1 Create a list of websites/blogs related to your niche.

Step#2 Find out email ID of website/blog owner ( Linkdin is easy way )

Step#3 Send them email, while appreciating his work and asking for chance to write blog post for his website.

Doing so can helps you increase your reader base and hence more reach.

#2 Use Quora Effectively

There are many question answer forum but no parallel for Quora. One of the most unique thing about quora is people invest their time reading answer here. That’s the reason whenever we serach any query on google Quora popup as a first wabe page maximum time. Just, because many people give their whole energy writing answers on quora people take quora seriously. Hence, below strategy can be used to implement quora strategy.

Step#1 Follow topics related to your niche.

Step#2 Choose any question to which you want to write answer.

Setp#3 Write detail research based answer of the particular question.

Step#4 Put your signature with link to your website at last of article

As people start reading your answers and start getting value in your stuff they certainly comes to your site using your link.

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