Google Analytics 2018

Anyone who runs a blog or website needs an analytical tool to judge the traffic coming to blog/ website. Out of all those available tools “Google Analytics” stand apart. Why Google analytics is so important for any website?

In its unique way, GA gives all the required stat of your visitors. If you want to know your visitors belongs to which demography? Which browser are they using? How many of these visiting your site/blog via mobile platform? What behavior your visitor are showing and to what extent they remain on your website/blog? All these questions can be answered by using Google analytics.

When you start your blog/website you want to know the behavior of your visitors and traffic sources. Once you know this stat you will be able to make proper strategies about what content to write and which product you should offer. Hence for this, you always required a great analytical tool. So, to improve your traffic and eventually generate sells Google analytics certainly going to help you a lot.

5 awesome things you can do with Google analytics

#1 Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time reporting

This is function GA is comparatively new but very interesting one. What it does is, it allows you to check real-time traffic and much more. By using this function you can check on this instant how many visitors are there on your website and they belong to which demography.

#2 Determine where your best visitors are located

GA – Demographic view

GA offers demographic function where you can see to which country or demographical area your visitors belong. This is most important and most used function of GA because once you know your majority traffic location then you can make location-based strategy and can target this particular demography using various SEO techniques.

#3 Enable Your Site Speed

Page loading speed is very crucial to the success of any website/blog. If loading speed of your website page is very slow then that may hamper your traffic. The reason is very simple visitors don’t tend to visit websites/blog which take too much time for loading. That’s the reason to make a successful website it is very important to keep your site loading speed high. GA gives great insight about website loading speed by using this data you surely improve your website/blog speed.

#4 Goal Setting

GA – Goal Completion Report

When you run website/blog for your business you have a goal in mind. That how much conversion is there? How many visitors subscribe to your newsletters? Do you have a site that sells ad space by the page view? These entire questions can be answered by using this function. It is very interesting; you can start with simple signup page conversion rate.

#5 Content Analytic

This feature allows you to know top content which your visitors prefer on your website. You will also get to know that how many visitors visit your website and for what time they stay there. Based on the study of the most preferred page by visitors it becomes easy to understand that which content you should focus the most.

In short, GA is a tool if you use it properly will help you to generate more traffic and hence eventually gives you more sells. All you need is to understand the behavior of your visitors and create demography specific strategy.

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