Hi There,

Welcome to FutureOmen. It’s me Prashik!

While I was pursuing an MBA ( Marketing ) from DMS-PUMBA ( Pune). I started this website to apply my knowledge of marketing into the vast and dynamic industry; Digital Marketing

In Digital Marketing I am particularly passionate about Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO.

Currently, I am working as SEO executive in renowned Tax firm in Pune.
Well, if not blogging then you can find me Reading, Sketching or busy with Design work.

The digital world is full of advice on SEO. There are many self-proclaimed experts on the subject claiming mountain results to show. But when applied in a practical scenario many of them fail miserably. That’s where FutureOmen comes into the picture.

Let me explain to you the very meaning of the word FutureOmen. I first read about omen in a world famous book of Paulo Coelho “Alchemist”, where people from the Gulf; because of there dependence on nature look for natural omens to predict the near future. So in the literal term “Omen” means “Sign”. So the combination FutureOmen reflect the Future Sign of Digital Marketing World and SEO in perticular. As name sugest, this site is always on a hunt for the new “Omens” in the SEO & Digital Marketing Industry.

Keep visiting FutureOmen and read all the recent trends in the Digital Industry. Different people come with a different objective. Whether you just come for a brush up your SEO knowledge. Or you just want to getting started SEO or you already have a website and want to optimize your site with the latest SEO practices. You may be running a small business and want to use local SEO practices to optimize your site for better result. Whatever your objectives may be. I assured you that this site will help you in learning all practical SEO practices to help you grow more.

So what’s stopping you? Keep visiting FutureOmen and gain wisdom of the SEO and Digital Marketing Industry. One more thing don’t miss out new “Omens” of the SEO Universe!

Keep note that, I write 4 articles in months to keep Quality and Originality of the content so I simply don’t want to waste your precious time with junk. So, always look for these precious articles to gain SEO wisdom. 🙂

Drop a mail to walkeprashik@gmai.com for any query!