Hi There,

Welcome to FutureOmen. It’s me Prashik!

Online world is full of advice on SEO. There are many self procalim expert on the subject claiming mountain results to show. But when applied in practical scenario many of them fail miserabily. That’s where FutureOmen comes into the picture.

Let me expalin you the very meaning of the word FutureOmen.  I first read about omen in famous book of Paulo Cohelho “Alchemist”, where people from the Gulf because of there depedence on nature look for natural omens to predict the near future. So in literal term “Omen” means “Sign”, in combination FutureOmen reflect the Future Sign of SEO World.  So as name sugest, this site is on always hunt for the new “Omens” in the SEO industry.

So, Keep visiting FutureOmen and get to know all the recent trends and not only that, do apply as well as without which it is almost impossible to achieve anything in the SEO world. Different people comes for different reason, whetather you come for just getting strated with SEO knowldge, or you alrady have website and want to optimize your site with latest SEO practice or you  are running small business and want local SEO to run on your site whatever your needs may be you just can fullfill all of them from this site.

So what’s stopping you? Keep visiting FutureOmen and gain wisdom of SEO industry and, offcourse don’t miss out new “Omens” of the SEO Universe!

Keep note that, I write 4 articles in months to keep Quality and Orignality of the content so I simply don’t want to wast your precious time with junk. So, always look for these precious articles to gain SEO wisdom. 🙂